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Live Music in Scotland... The Coach House Hotel, Killin, Perthshire

Live Music nights at the Coach House Hotel, Killin

Here is a list of music events we have planned for the next few months at the Coach House Hotel, Killin . We try to keep this page up to date, so please check back regularly to see what's on.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, live music nights at the Coach House Hotel usually start at around 9.00pm.

Date/s Band/Artist Description
28/03/15 Mak-a-Din  
03/04/15 Pure Malt  
04/04/15 Mad Ferret  
11/04/15 Boos Brothers  
17/04/15 John King  
18/04/15 TBC  
24/04/15 Ted Christopher  
25/04/15 Mak-a-Din  
01/05/15 TBC  
02/05/15 Pure Malt  
08/05/15 Mad Ferret  
09/05/15 The Shine  
15/05/15 Stuart McFarlene  
16/05/15 TBC  
22/05/15 Ted CHristopher  
23/05/15 Minogue Brothers  
30/05/15 Mak-a-Din  
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